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The LY Blue and Gold competition for technical superiority started with the Blue team’s Francisca Cifuentes and her 200 IM.  Timing her butterfly breath and dropping 15 seconds earned her team 2 points.  Likewise, young Seth Cook earned points for the Blue team by swimming his 8-and-under boys 25 breast legally and dropping time.  Maddie Corbett has been working hard on her butterfly arm recovery, and her improved stroke earned points for the Blue team in several events.  Six-year-old Sophia Gordon scored points with four first-ever legal swims including a technically challenging breaststroke race.  Jack Mills earned points in all his freestyle races for sticking with a bilateral breathing pattern.  Lauren Minear earned points in all her races including her first-ever 400 IM in which she held her fly stroke and breathed properly on her freestyle walls.  In her 100 free, Megan Montgomery concentrated on tight streamlines, earning points and dropping time.  Daniel Murray worked all weekend to improve his backstroke kick, earning points for getting it right on Sunday’s 50 back. Seven-year-old Ellie Salazar swam all of her events without any disqualifications, racking up points for the Blue team.  Kyle Sennett held good DPS (that’s swim-lingo for efficient distance-per-stroke) on his 50 fly and scored for the Blue team. In his first meet in the 11-12 age group, Cameron St. Clair displayed improved breaststroke timing and dropped time to earn points.  Emmie Summy used the dangerously fast LY step-up relay start to help her relay and the Blue team.  Brendan Whitfield swam five first-ever LY races and swam all of them legally to earn points.
On the Gold team, Savannah Bauserman has been working on her dive entry, and it showed on all seven of her dives as she earned points for the Gold team.  Joshua Bodine earned Gold points by following his coach’s advice on all his swims, including the 50 free where he was supposed to control his breathing during the race and have fun to boot.  Six-year-old Piper Cook earned Gold points for doing a legal backstroke turn in the 50 back. Piper and all the rest of Coach Hank’s novice swimmers in the meet executed newly-learned flip turns in the 50 freestyle to earn points for the Blue and Gold competition.  Big sister Stella Cook, also on the Gold team, swam her first-ever 200 freestyle with a bilateral breathing pattern the whole way, earning Gold points.  Annisten Elliott worked on breath control and dolphin kicking for good underwater speed during the 100 back, scoring extra Gold points.  Tara Enneking concentrated on “hugging the surface” as she breathed on her 100 fly, dropping time and earning Gold points.  In the 50 back, JC Gordon used fast hand speed to earn a best time and Gold points.  In the 200 IM, Brian Grimmett worked on making his fly recovery legal in order to drop time and score points.  In her backstroke events, Katie Jones scored Gold points by swimming “tall” and dropping time.  JT Lotz scored points for the Gold team by improving his breaststroke reach and dropping time.  Young Anna Mills swam her first-ever legal 25 fly for LY and scored Gold points.  Matthew Murray used a textbook fly stroke to earn Gold points in the 100 fly.  Austin Orange leaned into his breaststroke breath to improve his stroke and earn points for the Gold team.  Holly Peterson bravely attempted a crossover turn in her first-ever 400 IM and earned a Gold point.  In the 100 free, Joshua Smith used fast hand speed to drop 27 seconds and score Gold points.  In the 200 free, Chandler St. Clair descended each 50 to earn a best time and points for the Gold team.  Newcomer Morgan Whitfield swam his first-ever 400 IM legally to score Gold points.
By the end of the meet, the Blue and Gold points were close, but Blue eked out a victory.  Congratulations Blue team!





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